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We understand there is a lot to consider when youre thinking about a big move even if it is to somewhere as beautiful as Parkhill Farm. Weve collated the questions we think you may want answers to, but of course, were happy to discuss other aspects of Parkhill Farm with you so please feel free to contact us.
What is Parkhill Farm?
Parkhill Farm is a rural residential estate set in 72 hectares of pastoral farm and vineyards. It is being developed by Parkhill Ltd, owned and managed by three passionate locals committed to upholding the character of this unique property.
Where is Parkhill Farm located?
It is an 8 minute drive to either Havelock North or Hastings and a 15 minute drive to Napier. The Hawkes Bay airport is 20minutes. View Map
How many home sites will there be?
There are 35 home sites available, ranging in size from approximately 2500m2 to 7000m2.
Will there be any further subdivision at Parkhill?
In order to protect your privacy, outlook and investment, no further subdivision will be permitted at Parkhill. This is protected by covenants and the Hastings District Plan.
What will I own?
You will have freehold title to your own site. The balance of the farmland and vineyard is maintained and managed under private ownership, but remains fully accessible to residents. Roads are private and held in appropriate proportional ownership by the lot owners.
What is the purchasing procedure?
Upon selecting your site, you will sign a sale and purchase agreement and pay a 10% deposit, which will be held in trust by an independent party until settlement.
What are the building restrictions?
An architectural and landscape design guideline has been developed to ensure the highest standards of planning, design and construction in keeping with the natural landscape. All architectural plans require the approval of the Parkhill Farm Design Committee.
What is the composition of the Design Committee?
One representative from Parkhill Ltd, a registered architect and a registered landscape architect. The initial representatives are professionals who have been involved in the project from inception.
Who are the current members of the Design Committee?
Rebecca Turner (Parkhill Ltd), Patrick Corfe (Landscape Architect) and Steve McGavock (Architect).
What services and utilities will be provided to my site?
Water, underground power and telephone services are provided to the boundary of each site. High speed internet and digital television are also accessible.
What common facilities are available for residents?
Extensive private walking trails incorporated into the farm and vineyards.
Who maintains the infrastructure at Parkhill Farm?
A management company maintains the services and infrastructure of the property to meet prescribed standards.
What additional costs will I be responsible for?
There is an annual levy for maintenance of roading, swales common areas and walking trails. Residents are not responsible for farm or vineyard expenses. There is no body corporate.
Who owns and maintains the farm and vineyards?
To alleviate residents exposure to additional costs and responsibilities, the farm and vineyard are owned and managed by a private entity. Environmentally sustainable management practices are used at Parkhill for farm maintenance and vineyard management.
Who operates the vineyard?
Sileni Estates have developed the vineyard and continue to operate it on a long-term lease.
What varieties of grapes have been planted?
Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.
Will wine from the property be available to residents?
Yes, Parkhill Ltd has negotiated a special residents rate to purchase Sileni wine.
Is there a caretaking and maintenance service?
Yes, the management company provides access to a range of private services to residents including gardening, maintenance and house-minding on a user-pays basis.
What schooling is available in Hawkes Bay?
Hawkes Bay has a fantastic range of schooling. On the boundary of Parkhill Farm is the local primary school Haumoana School for children up to year 6.  Nearby in the Havelock North village is Havelock North Intermediate School for years 7 and 8. Hereworth School a private preparatory school for boys up to year 8 is also located in Havelock North. Secondary schools in the area include Havelock North High School, two integrated boarding and day schools for girls from year 7 Woodford House and Iona College. Lindisfarne College an integrated school for boys is located in Hastings.
What is the arrangement with Hastings District Council regarding town water?
Hastings District Council (HDC) have entered into a public/private partnership with Parkhill Ltd by contributing in excess of $180,000 to upgrade the water main within the farm from 100mm to 225mm. Parkhill have provided a new bore and HDC plan to take over and integrate the Parkhill system into an improved supply for Haumoana and Te Awanga that includes a high level reservoir above Parkhill. The timing of this integration is dependent upon the allocation of funds according to the HDC LTCCP. In the interim Parkhill Ltd operates the system on a user pays basis.
How much are the annual road maintenance charges?
Lot owners are levied for annual maintenance and a sinking fund to provide for resealing. These fees are levied on a proportional use basis so each lot is different. For details on specific lots please log in.
How much are the annual maintenance charges for roadside mowing and walking tracks?
$500 per lot per annum.
How many lots have sea views?
30 (all lots except lots 1,2,3,4 and 23).
How many lots have views of Mt Ruapehu?
19 in total, lots 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 28, 30, 31 and 32.
What is the elevation change from the bottom of the property to the top?
Parkhill is on rising land facing north to the sea and rises approximately 45m from the front gate to lot 35.
How is the vineyard spray programme managed?
Sileni Estates operate the vineyard according to NZ Wine growers sustainable management programme.
When did the Parkhill vineyard achieve sustainable accreditation?
March 2009.
Is it common to live within a vineyard setting?
Many vineyard owners, viticulturists and lifestyle seekers choose to live within vineyards. Some local examples are Elephant Hill, Sileni Estates, Black Barn, Craggy Range and Te Mata Estate.