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Comments from Parkhill Residents

Residents Comments

Residents have been eager to share their experiences of building and moving to Parkhill Farm. Those already living here and loving their new lifestyle are the best people to hear from if youre considering a move to Parkhill. Here is a selection of feedback:
The vineyards, the grapes the whole concept is lovely.
Lyn and Rebecca have done a great job. They have employed great people (landscapers) to create a magic environment.
Living by the coast is definitely an attraction.
After first seeing the view from my site, I just kept coming back.
We found what we were looking for a gorgeous outlook, central location, and access to the coast.
We love the light and the way it changes.
Theres only one gate in and the people working here give us an added sense of security.
We experience all four seasons its a surprise to us how marked they are.
"Its a really nice environment thats well located with access to everywhere.
Theres plenty of space. You can sit on your veranda having a conversation without being heard because youre not surrounded by houses.
Its only 10 minutes to Havelock North and Hastings, and only 15 minutes to Napier.
We love our site. Whichever way you look, theres a view to the mountains or the sea.
Parkhill has a certain romance it feels a bit like living in France.